The Development of NxTGEN Masks

Our COVID-19 Response

Upon launching our new automotive company in February 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic began its fast and furious global spread. After our first 5,100 Extended View BMW blind spot mirrors were produced, we immediately started working on the retooling of our injection molding and die-cutting systems to create premium quality reusable face masks. We quickly shifted our production process and utilized our vast global supply chain to develop, prototype and begin mass production of this brand new design within a 2 week period.

With the CDC recommending all Americans wear face coverings in public, we set out to create a product that provides far superior filtration versus cloth or flimsy disposable paper masks. The HEPA filters we use can filter 99.9% of fine particles, dust, pollution, viruses and bacteria with proper facial fit and seal*. This level of filtration far exceeds traditional N95 masks. * Although our new mask has not yet been FDA approved as a medical device, it is constructed of all medical grade, FDA approved components.

We are quickly mass producing for essential workers, first responders, nurses, doctors and those with underlying conditions whom require more protection than cloth face coverings can provide. Mask donations can be made in any quantity from single units to bulk orders. All NXTGEN fulfilled donations will be promptly delivered to hospitals, healthcare facilities and first responders with an immediate need.

Reusable Not Disposable

With face masks now becoming a critical part of American life, there is a flood of new mask products entering the market each day. Most of these are some sort of fabric or cloth mask. There are some significant differences that set our masks apart from others. One key aspect is that they can be quickly and easily sanitized without laundering as often as needed. With proper fit and seal, the included medical grade HEPA filters can filter over 99.9% of viruses and bacteria to .3 microns, for up to 30 days or 40 hours of use, per reusable filter. This level of filtration, quick and efficient sanitization, as well as longer term reusability far exceeds the traditional N95 mask, cloth masks, or activated charcoal filter masks.

The NXTGEN F0230 reusable face mask is a new design that wears like a low profile mask, but functions similarly to industrial respirators. The inner and outer frame is made of FDA approved injection molded impact copolymer. This type of plastic is very light weight, durable and can be regularly sanitized as needed.

The inner frame portion includes a removable medical grade silicone face gasket and breather valve. The face gasket provides a much tighter seal around the face versus cloth masks, surgical masks and other looser fitting face coverings*. The silicone breather valve helps keep the user cooler, providing a more comfortable experience while wearing, but can be filtered also. The inner frame and silicone face gasket can be washed in warm soapy water and sanitized with isopropyl alcohol or disinfecting wipes. The outer frame features both an upper and lower adjustable elastic strap so you can achieve the level of tension and fit that is right for your face. The F0230 mask is a compact, shallow design that is conceptualized for frontline workers and first responders during the pandemic. It favors protection and functionality over comfort. The shallow design allows the use of other important PPE. One size fits most, those with small to medium faces will be most comfortable. Those with smaller faces may tuck the chin inside the silicone gasket. Individuals with medium size faces can wear on the chin and those with larger faces may position the bottom above the chin, but below the mouth. Then position over the nose, set your tension and tie in a bow to lock in the tension level.

Replaceable HEPA Filters

Important Note Regarding Our Filters: The HEPA filters used in our masks are genuine H&V Technosat Plus filter media. This material is intended and approved for respiratory protection. These filters are electrostatic needle punched, non-woven synthetic blends. They do not contain fiberglass.

Our NXTGEN F0230 reusable HEPA filter masks feature genuine medical grade HEPA filters, which are independently lab tested by Nelson Laboratories to filter 99.9% of particles, including viruses and bacteria to .3 microns*. These are particulate filters and are not suitable for use with toxic gases or vapors. Each mask is sold as a set with 5 HEPA filters. These filters should be replaced:

  • When heavily soiled or damaged
  • Increased breathing resistance occurs
  • They have been used for 40 hours or 30 days

Replacement filter sets are available for purchase to keep your F0230 mask functioning at peak performance. Not only do our HEPA filters exceed N95 standards*, but this unique mask system is also more cost-effective and reduces a significant amount of waste long term.

Technostat plus filter media is also well known to provide much less breathing resistance versus other similarly rated filters. This style of mask is much easier to breath in compared to other N95 or P100 half face respirators.

Filtered or Unfiltered
Exhalation Valve

Our unique design offers a lot of flexibility regarding usage of the F0230 HEPA mask. For those working outdoors or engaging in rigorous physical activity, an exhalation valve has been built into the frame. For occupations or usage where an exhalation valve is not suitable, the valve can be completely filtered. To filter the exhalation valve and seal it off, simply cut a piece of filter and place it over the ridge on the outer frame. The inner frame has a grove, which the ridge fits into and this will lock the added filter piece in place and seal it tightly into position.

Specially Designed For Downward Visibility and Use With Other PPE

Used by medical professionals worldwide throughout the pandemic.

DISCLAIMER: The individual components of the F0230 mask have been independently lab tested to meet FDA & NIOSH standards when used in other devices. As a brand new product, this mask has not yet been evaluated or approved by the FDA or NIOSH. This product is not currently an FDA approved medical device. Statements regarding this product have not been evaluated by the FDA. HEPA filtration is dependent upon proper fit, seal and use. This mask is used solely at the user’s own risk. Read all instructions prior to use. Improper use may lead to sickness or death.